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How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC?

In many cases, you need to take a screenshot. If you are on a web page or playing a video game or doing any task on a Windows PC and you want to capture the screen, you can take a screenshot instead of downloading an image from the web. There are so many ways you can take a screenshot on a Windows PC. if you want to print the whole screen or take a snip of an image on the screen, you can do it with a variety of methods. Let us learn how to take the screenshot on a Windows PC.

take a Screenshot on a Windows PC

Using Print Screen PrtSc

Whatever is on your screen, press the PrtSc button from the keyboard. On every keyboard, there is a PrtSc button. But the method to use the PrtSc can be different on different PCs. On some PCs, you have to press the PrtSc button in a combination with a Function key named Fn. 

This copies the whole screen to clipboard. You can paste it on another program such as Paint, MS word, etc. 

keyboardPress the Window key + shift + s, this will allow you to drag and select a portion of the screen you want to capture.

take a Screenshot on a Windows PC

Press Windows key + PrtSc. It will save the screen as an image file. You can see the image in Pictures > Screenshots.

Using the Windows Snipping Tool

Click the Start button. 

Search the snipping tool on your PC. Click the snipping tool icon. 

Click New. This will allow you to select a portion of the screen or entire screen whatever you desire. 

Once you select the portion of the screen, you can save it by clicking the save icon or using Ctrl + S command or go to File > Save As.

snipping tool

From the Mode option, you can select the shape of your screenshot whether circular, rectangular, or free-form snip.

take a Screenshot on a Windows PC

Using the Game Bar

It is an overlay. You can use this when playing a video game.

Start a video game. 

take a Screenshot on a Windows PC

During the game, when you want to take a screenshot, press windows key + g.

You will see the Game Bar overlay.

Press Windows key + Alt + PrtSc or hit the camera icon.

The screenshot will save in the Videos folder. You do not need to save the image. It will auto-save the screenshot.

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