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How to Transpose Columns and Rows in Excel?

Transpose Columns and Rows in Excel

We use excel for storing and arranging our important data in rows and columns. Doing so, we make mistakes when we shift rows to columns and columns to rows. In other words, transposing columns and rows.

Instead of putting the data, you wanted in columns, you put in rows. This change the meanings. Hence, you end up entering the wrong information that makes it complex too.

If you are working with formulas, everything gets complex. One mistake in the formulas can lead to wrong information. To avoid that type of mistake, let’s learn how to take the transpose of columns and rows in excel.

Let’s consider an example of a spreadsheet with the following data.

transpose columns and rows in excel

Copy/paste is not the only way to put your data in the correct place. It might be confusing.

Let’s follow the step guide on how to transpose columns and rows in excel. to solve the issue:

  • Open Microsoft Excel and select a blank spreadsheet

transpose columns and rows

  • Enter the data

enter the data

  • After entering the data, select the number of columns and rows containing the data and click right
  • Select the “Copy” option

Copy option

  • Select a new empty cell to paste the copied data

copied data

  • Right-click and select the “Paste Special” option

excel sheet

  • In the “Paste Special” box, check the “Transpose” button

transpose columns and rows in excel

  • Now Click “Ok”

transpose columns and rows

  • You have done it now. Your file looks like this

transpose columns and rows in excel

Note: If your information is in the Table structure and you take its transpose, the transpose choice won’t work. For this, you need to change the table to a range.

Go to the Table tab. Select the “Convert to Range” option. You can likewise utilize the Transpose Function to take the transpose of the table.

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