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How to Update Chrome 89 for Android?

Update Chrome 89 for Android

Chrome 89 for Android is the fastest 64-bit browser for Android users. This is Chrome 89 for Android, a 64-bit version of the Chrome browser. Google Chrome acclaimed that this version is 8.5% faster.

This version is faster to download pages. Moreover, this version is more easy and useful (Approximately 28%) when we talk about scrolling and delay the download of the page.

This is good news for Internet users, especially for Android users.

Few steps you have to do to update:

  • Go to the Play store from your Android device

Chrome 89 for Android

  • In the search, the option writes “Chrome 89”, and search it

search bar

  • Now Click on Update

Chrome 89 for Android


To use Google Chrome 89 firstly, you have to update to this latest version.

One thing you should keep in mind that, if you want to enjoy the speed with your browser your device must be running to Android 10. In most cases, we have no idea about what update we have on our device.

  • Go to Settings



  • Now Click on About Phone, which comes mostly in the last

About phone

  • Press on “Software Information”

Chrome 89 for Android

  • In Software Information you will get your device’s latest version

Android version 10

Here it is updated to version 10.

How to Check Specifications?

To enjoy speedy Google Chrome 89 your device must have at least 8GB of memory. This memory can use a 64 bit Google Chrome browser. If you have no idea about your device specification, check these steps.

  • Firstly, Go to Settings

Chrome 89 for Android


  • Now Tap on “Device Care”

device care

  • Here, you will get many options, just click on “Storage”

Chrome 89 for Android

  • Finally, Press on “Advanced Settings”


  • Yes! Here is the “Total Space“and “Available Space” of your device

Chrome 89 for Android

In conclusion, after getting your Android device information, you can download Google Chrome 89 Version. Moreover, you can simply update the new version and enjoy the fastest version of Google Chrome.

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