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How to Update Mobile Phone Software?

Update Mobile Phone Software

Update mobile phone software gives you most update features. While using your mobile, you see an alert message, “Update is available. Tap to install your mobile software”. Don’t ignore these system updates.

Because your mobile might misbehave and go into problems. You have to follow these steps to update your mobile phone software.

  1. Establish a stable internet connection on your mobile i.e. Only WiFi connection
  2. Open Settings > General > Software Updates
  3. Click Download and Install
  4. It may ask your passcode or PIN. Enter your PIN and continue

Your mobile will restart. However, it will take a little longer to install the updates. Wait, have patience. After a few minutes, your phone has installed updates.

Update Mobile Phone Software

Update Automatically

Go to Settings > General > Software Updates. Enable the “Automatic Updates” option. Whenever your device has an update, it will automatically install updates. Moreover, when it finds a stable WiFi connection on your mobile.

Update Via Computer

  1. On a Mac, open iTunes
  2. Connect your iPhone to Mac
  3. Find your iPhone device on your Mac
  4. Tap Settings icon and click Check for update
  5. Download and install updates

Update Mobile Phone Software

Update Your Android Mobile

  1. Firstly, connect your mobile to WIFI
  2. Go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Install Now

Update Your Android Mobile

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