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How to Use and Setup Messenger Rooms in WhatsApp?

How to Use and Setup Messenger Rooms in WhatsApp?

Facebook has rolled out a new feature of Messenger rooms. This feature allows you to make a  conference call with up to 50 people at a time. Now, WhatsApp has also stepped into this race and added this feature.

This feature has provided ease to the people that they do not need to install any other app for call conferencing such as Zoom or Skype. So, this means combining the Messenger and Whatsapp in one through rooms. You can use and setup messenger rooms in WhatsApp with just a few steps.


Make sure that you have installed Messenger and WhatsApp on your phone. Both apps should have the latest versions.

Setup Messenger Rooms in WhatsApp

  • Launch WhatsApp from your device and open a chat room of the person you want to invite and make a Room with. Click the paper clip icon and select Room option.


  • When you click the Room option, a popup message will appear asking you “continue in Messenger to create a room?”


  • Tap “Continue in Messenger”. It will take you to the Messenger app.

conference call

  • Messenger will confirm if you want to create a room for that person. Click “Create Room as”

Setup Messenger Rooms in WhatsApp

  • Once you create the room for your friend, the messenger will ask you to send a link to your friend. Click on the “Send link on WhatsApp” button.

Setup Messenger Rooms in WhatsApp

  • It will take you back to the WhatsApp app and WhatsApp will send room link to your friend.

Steps to Join Messenger Room 

  • Open WhatsApp and open the chat of your friend who has sent you the link.
  • Click the link. It will ask you whether you want to continue with the messenger website or messenger app. Select any option where you want to join the conference call.

Note: Everyone on a conference call should have installed the latest versions of Messenger and WhatsApp. If you do not see the option of Rooms in the latest version of your apps, it means this feature is not currently available in your area.

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