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How to Use Custom Backgrounds on Microsoft, Skype, and Zoom?

Use Custom Backgrounds on Microsoft, Skype, and Zoom

Use custom backgrounds on Microsoft, Skype, and Zoom is very interesting. With the custom background feature, people can replace the background with any photo of their choice during the call.

Most video calling apps support background images. This image lets you set up an image at the back of you. That kind of background looks more different than your actual settings. Your call seems to be more professional and good by hiding an untidy room. Moreover, you can add your company’s logo.

As because of COVID-19, many workers are doing work from their homes. On the other hand, you can insert a funny background in a stress-free call to have a speck of fun. Additionally, you can choose from a collection of backgrounds saved into Microsoft Teams, Skype, and zoom. Moreover, you can use custom backgrounds.

You can use custom backgrounds on Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams apps. Let us discuss how to use this feature.

How to Use Custom Backgrounds on Zoom?

  • Open the Zoom app. Log in to your account

Zoom App

  • Go to Settings > Virtual Background

Zoom general settings

  • Now select what type of background you want to use

Use Custom Backgrounds

  • Select the “Green Screen” option if you want to have a green screen at the bottom of your screen. Otherwise, select Mirror my Video

Mirror my video

How to Use Custom Backgrounds on Skype?

  • Open the Skype app and log in to your account
  • Click on the profile picture
  • Go to Settings > Audio & Video
  • Now hit the Background button to change the background

Use Custom Backgrounds

How to Chane Background on Microsoft Teams?

  • Open the application from the cell phone or computer and log into your account
  • Before making a call, click on the three-specks icon
  • At that point, you will see the “Show Background Effects” option. Click it

Use Custom Backgrounds

  • Pick any one effect from them.

You can use custom backgrounds during the call. For this, place an image of 1MB size in AppData\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads directory.

Paste this address in the File Explorer on your computer. Click enter. You can add your images there and set the image as a background.

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