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How to Use Instagram’s New Direct Message Feature?

Use Instagram’s New Direct Message Feature

From Instagram’s new direct message feature you can send a Direct Message to your friends without a photo-sharing app. 

Facebook has added Direct Message feature to the Web Instagram. With which you can send and receive Direct Messages on your desktops, no matter where you are in the world. This feature was in making since long ago for the users to send Direct Messages on their web Instagram.

The feature is quite similar to the DM feature in the Instagram mobile app. Now the Instagram users can start chats or create groups with this feature on the web. By double-tapping the message, you can like the message, share photos, or check the “seen” status of the message.

You can also enable the desktop notifications to help users notified with updates. If you want to use the DM feature on your PC, follow these steps.

Note: You will need an active Instagram account, the supported browser on your PC and internet connection. 

Steps to Use this Feature 

  1. Open google chrome or any browser from your PC
  2. Enter the URL “www. Instagram.com”
  3. Now, log in using your Instagram account.


4. Click on the DM icon, choose a contact to whom you want to send a message.


Instagram’s new Direct Message feature

To connect with your friends and family members use this feature.

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