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How to Use Offline Mode on Google Drive?

Use Offline Mode on Google Drive

Offline mode on Google drive is an awesome feature. If you use cloud services to create documents, files, and folders, you may want to access those documents offline without using an internet connection.

Now, Google offers this service with which you can keep editing and viewing documents. It allows users to sync their files and documents to the device where they want to use them offline.

If you have patchy internet or internet connection breaks, you can access your documents offline by following these simple steps.

Steps to Setup Offline Mode on Google Drive

  • Open Google Chrome and sign in to your Google account

Offline Mode on Google Drive

  • Now open Google drive
  • Click the Settings icon at the top right corner

click the settings

  • Go to the General tab and enable “offline mode”

Offline Mode on Google Drive

Steps to View, Save, or Edit Documents Offline

  • Open Google drive
  • Right-click the document you want to use offline
  • Turn on the Available Offline Toggle

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