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How to Use the Freeze Panes Feature in Excel?

Use the Freeze Panes Feature in Excel to Keep an Area on the Spreadsheet Visible

Freeze Panes Feature in Excel used to Keep an area on the Spreadsheet Visible. Mostly we forget in excel, which rows and columns represent what type of data. It happens when we work on a very large spreadsheet data in excel.

It is quite easier to remember working on small data but remembering large spreadsheets is not an easy job. You need to scroll through the data, the header row or column becomes invisible and we forget which rows or columns we were looking at.

This leads to errors and becomes very confusing to deal with larger data sets. But the good news is that you can fix this problem by using freeze panes feature in excel to keep every row or column header visible all the time.

Here we will explain, how you can utilize freeze panes feature in Excel with very easy steps. 

Steps to Use this Awesome Hack

  • Open the spreadsheet with some data in columns and rows in MS excel

  • Click View from the title bar

freeze panes feature

  • In the View option pane, select the “Freeze Panes” feature

freeze panes feature

  • In the Freeze Panes drop-down menu, choose an option that you like

drop-down menu

  • You can freeze the first two rows or columns. Select the entire third row or column and click on the Freeze Panes option


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