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How to Use Twitter’s New Voice Tweet Feature?

Use Twitter’s New Voice Tweet Feature

Recently, twitter has launched a new feature of voice tweets. Now the users can record audio up to 140 seconds and share audio tweets. It’s better than the traditional style of textual tweets of 140 characters.

This feature is available for iOs users. Soon it will be available for all the platforms in the coming weeks. Let’s learn how to use this new voice tweet feature.

  • To create voice tweets, simply tap the Tweet Compose icon, just as you create textual tweets

Twitter’s New Voice-Tweet Feature

  • Then find the audio-recording icon. The icon looks like sound waves.

Note: if you do not see any audio-recording icon, it means the feature is not available on your phone.  

  • Click the icon and record your tweet.

record your tweet

  • You can record tweets for 140 seconds. If your recording exceeds 140 seconds, not a problem. Twitter will automatically make snippets of your recording.
  • Click Done and send your voice-tweet

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