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How to Use Your Old Smartphone as a Security Camera?

Use Your Old Smartphone as a Security Camera

You can use your old Smartphone as a security camera. Because your cell phone is out-dated doesn’t mean that we can’t effectively utilize it.

At the point when your old android smartphone is collecting dust particles when placed in the drawer. You don’t even know how to discard it, even the most obsolete smartphone is as yet a palm-sized PC loaded with hell lot of useful features.

There are many extraordinary Android and iOS applications that can change your old android smartphone into a valuable security camera. Be a little bit creative and utilize your smartphone for a good purpose instead of discarding it.

Let us make you creative and teach you how can you convert your outdated smartphone to a security camera with these simple steps. 

Steps to Use Your Old Android Smartphone as a Security Camera Using Alfred Camera App

Alfred is a very popular app when it comes to the security camera. It has got over 10 million downloads with a 4.7-star rating on play store. 

  • Install Alfred app in your old smartphone and launch it

old smartphone as a security camera

  • 2. Click the “Skip” button
  • 3. Click the “Camera” and tap on the “Get Started” button
  • old smartphone as a security camera4. Now you have to sign in with Google to use old smartphone as a security camera

sign in Google

  • 5. Select your account with which you want to use the Alfred app

choose an account

  • Click Allow to confirm app permissions to use old smartphone as a security camera

App permission

  • Allow camera and microphone access

old smartphone as a security camera

  • Go to Camera Settings and tap on the “Select Lens” option either rare or front what you want to record from

Camera setting

  • Now your old phone becomes a security camera. Keep this to continuous power so that the battery doesn’t go down

Viewer Side

  • Install Alfred app on your smartphone that you use
  • Sign in to the same google account that you have activated on your old smartphone in the Alfred app
  • You’ll see your active cameras listed at the very top from the Alfred home screen on your viewer. When you click on this, it will take you to the live feed of that camera with some remote controls

old smartphone as a security camera

  • Click the arrow icon close to those controls, and you’ll discover considerably more options. These include: 
  • Switch the direction of the camera on your smartphone
  • Switch between the back and back camera
  • Turn on the flashlight on your camera phone
  • Turn on a night vision mode for upgraded permeability around night time
  • Play an alarm sound at the greatest volume from the camera phone

After complete all steps you can use old smartphone as a security camera.

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