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How to Verify e-Pass, Whether It is Valid or Not?

Verify e-Pass, Whether it is Valid or Not

Previously, the states issued their own passes for traveling. But now, the government of Pakistan has initiated a step to get an e-pass online through a website http://serviceonline.gov.in/epass/.

Through this website, people can get e-passes for traveling to 17 states over the country. The e-passes have information like e-pass number, QR code, address, etc. But the validity is not mentioned on the e-pass. If you want to check whether your e-pass is valid or not, you have to follow the given steps. 

There are two methods:

  1. Verify via QR code.
  2. Verify through SMS. it is an easier method to check the validity of e-pass through SMS service as it is accessible to almost everyone and everyone knows how to send SMS. 

So, let’s have a look at the following steps.

Verify e-Pass Via SMS

  • Launch the Messages or SMS app on your mobile.

Verify e-Pass

  • Verify your e-pass by typing “VERIFY (e-pass number)”.

Verify e-Pass

  • Send the message to 9686454890 this number.
  • If your e-pass is valid, you will receive a message from the e-pass system.

Via QR Code

  • Scan the QR code on your e-pass with a QR code scanner.
  • This will also show you the validity of your e-pass.

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