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Role of Headings in Web Content

What is the Role of Headings ?

Role of Headings in your web content tells your website visitors and search engines about what your website is. It is generally said, that headings and subheadings helps to improve your website ranking.

In web content you have to organize your content in a format that’s easy to understand for users and search engines. Headings and subheadings gives a clear way to the structure of your web content.

It makes your web content easy to read. Mostly question mark headings or subheadings are more better to read. When users comes on Internet to find his query, they have question in their mind.

Place right sequence of headings and subheadings in your web content is also called On-Page Optimization. Most important part of SEO.

SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a method that makes the website easier to navigate through search engine results and more user-friendly. If you need SEO services for your blog, website or online store, this is the right place.

You can get these questions from different search engines by writing your topic in search engine’s search bar. Search engines will show search base (usually they show most searched questions) questions.

Check below the image for search engine’s question base searches.

division of headingsIs Division of Subheadings Important?

SEO on any website based on many things, but division role of headings or use of sub headings in your web content is the main part of your web content.

If you have started a blog and there is no right division of subheadings then it is very difficult to get traffic or index your blog in search engines.

You have purchased a premium domain name. with best web hosting to start your own blog or website. You have also bought a premium theme with highly paid web content and paid images.

But role of headings and subheading on your blog or website is unusual. Your money and time wasted. So it is most essential to understand division of headings and subheadings.

There are different types of subheadings H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. The main thing is, how to manage these subheadings in your web content.

Division of subheadings tells crawlers which part of content is about what. On a post or page subheadings gives a powerful bond with your web content.

What are Headings and Subheadings with Example?

Role of headings and subheading in web content is an essential part. Below we have tried to persuade you with examples.

What is H1 Heading?

<H1>means Header 1 and, it is only for title. Title is the main heading of your Topic. It tells users and search engines on which topic your content is about. Title includes your contents main keywords.

How to Use H1 Heading?

Every page or post on your website contains different type of headings and subheadings. But <H1> heading will use once.

As we have discussed that this is the title of your post or page. You can easily understand from this example; In this article  ” Role of Headings in Web Content” is the title. Title is <H1> heading of this article.

What is H2 Subheading?

<H2>means Heading 2 and, it will be a little different from the title of your page. You can say that H2 is the title of your content structure and it comes under <H1> heading.

It is subheading of you web content. It will be related to <H1>.  H2 will include your chosen keywords.

How to Use H2 Subheading?

<H2> heading express your users and search engines about the structure of your web content.

In this article “What is the Role of Headings?” is <H2> heading. In <H2> we have elaborated the main topic. We have talked about the introduction and importance of the main topic, title or <H1> heading.

What is H3 Subheading?

<H3>means header 3 subheading. <H3> will come under <H2> heading. Under this heading we will elaborate the topic. In <H3> we will discuss the topic in detail.

How to Use H3 Subheading?

In this article “Is Division of Subheadings Important?” is <H3> heading. Under <H3> we have talked about types and divisions of subheadings. We also discussed the importance of divisions on web content.

What is H4 Subheading?

<H4> means header 4 subheading. <H4> subheading will come under <H3> subheading. In this subheading we will discuss about the part of <H3> subheading.

How to Use H4 Subheading?

<H4> heading, in this article is “What is Headings and Subheadings with Example?”. Here we are talking about difference between headings and subheadings.

What is H5 Subheading?

<H5> means header 5 subheading. Header 5 subheading will express the part of <H4> subheading. It will be related to <H4>.

How to Use <H5> Subheading?

<H5> subheading in this article is “What is H1 Heading?”. In <H4> subheading the purpose of this article was not clear. So, we have to create <H5> to understand better.

What is H6 Subheading?

<H6> means header 6 and the last subheading. <H6> will come under<H5>. It also related to <H5>.

How to Use H6 Subheading?

<H6> subheading, is the last in subheading division. In this article “How to Use H1 Heading?” is <H6> subheading. If the topic can be more discussed, we will more elaborate it in <H6> subheading.

Most Common Used Subheadings

Above we have discussed in detail about the use of subheadings. Most common subheadings are <H2>, <H3> and <H4>.

These subheadings are generally used in any web content. To understand it easily, we are using these subheadings,

Suppose, Your <H1> heading or web content title is “Top 10 Essential Plugins for WooCommerce”.

<H2> will come on when you start your article as on post or page. The title of your web content structure. It will be a little different from article title or <H1>.

Subheading <H2> will be “Essential Plugins for WooCommerce”. In this subheading we will discuss about Woo-commerce and discussed on WooCommerce plugins.

Thereafter we will tell which plugins are top ten. For each plugin we will use <H3> subheading. Because every plugin is separate from one another. Like,

<H3>”Ultimate Reports Plugin (WooCommerce)

<H3>”WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin

<H3>”XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers Plugin

If you want to discuss more on any of these plugin, then <H4> subheading will use.

Like, first one is “Ultimate Reports Plugin (Woocommerce)and you wants to discuss its customer support, reviews or about its functions, then <H4> will be used. It will show like this:

<H3> “Ultimate Reports Plugin (WooCommerce)

<H4> “Customer Support

<H4> “Customer Reviews

After discussed first one when we will discuss on second plugin that is “WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin”, we will again use <H3> subheading.

<H3>”WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin”


Above we have discussed all in detail the role of headings in web content.

Web indexes accept it as a solid pointer with regards to what a page is about. Each page should cover one fundamental keyword phrase thus ought to have only one <H1> tag.

Any sub-points should go under lesser header labels, for example, <H2> or <H3>, to give each page an intelligent structure and to make the fundamental keyword evident to web indexes.

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