Colocation matters

Culture & Communication, Business sensitivity & User Interaction, Being time critical & Agile are important

Agility matters

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Agile teams are 36% more productive
Provide a 3 year risk adjusted rate of 66% ROI
Result in 88% increased quality

Engagement model matters

Colocated Software testing costs 50% lesser than offshore and gives 30% improved outcomes

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Setting a Software Testing Standard for Robotics

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Test Center of Excellence

IT organizations looking to improve their testing practices often opt to centralize some or all test-related activities in a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE).

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Browser Compatibility Testing matters

Cross-browser compatibility testing ensures a consistently pleasant, reliable and trusted app-experience across devices, browsers and operating systems.

Mobile Applications Quality Matters

Successful mobile organizations place QA professionals in development organizations, not only on the org chart but physically as well. Increase efficiency by colocating mobile test and development teams.


Taher Merchant,
Head of Testing Center of Excellence, Bank of America

Chris Mears, VP of Implementation Services,
Delphi Tech

Shelly Baker, Manager,


Webinar on Migrating to LeanFT – Know your Switching Costs.

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Gallop Solutions featured as one of Selenium's Aluminium level sponsors.

Philadelphia – June 1, 2015

SeleniumHQ, today featured Gallop Solutions as one of their Aluminium level sponsors.

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